Renowned for the finest quality in woodworking, Montecarlo Doors & Windows combines Old World craftsmanship with modern skills to provide our customers with fine products with added value. Our outstanding large scale project production capacity, lead times, custom designs, set us apart from most of our competition.


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Montecarlo Doors awarded full design and manufacture of a high end resort in the Caribbean.


Montecarlo Doors launches its Custom European Sash Windows & Doors product Line.


Montecarlo Doors tailor manufactures unique FF& E pieces with its 5 Axis CNC Capabilities.


Montecarlo Doors provides Aluminum Clad Wood Window & Doors to its most demanding customers.

Choosing the right Door, Window & Millwork Contractor

If you’re planning on building houses, offices, restaurants, or a resort, one of the most important critical tasks to consider is choosing the right doors, windows, and Full Package Millwork Contractor. It may appear a real simple job, but once you have met with your architect or designer and faced several options, you’d probably be either overwhelmed, or confused. In choosing the contractor you need to consider some important things.

Project Size does matter 

It should be well adjusted to the height between the floor and the ceiling. Choosing the right products would depend on what would go on floors, ceiling, and walls. Say, you’re a restaurant owner. You may want to purchase big doors,large baseboards, impressive custom designed cabinetry and bar countertop to ensure the best welcoming to new customers.

Know where its location is

If you are building, a beach club, pool cabana, or spa, different materials for doors & windows and millwork package would be used that if you are building a hotel lobby or ball room. Montecarlo has the exact product line for eachof the design and building needs.

Choose the right profiles and color

Discuss it with your interior designer. Take into consideration the color and the theme of your project. A Victorian Style simply won’t go with a fully contemporary design. The key is to observe the overall appearance. If the Doors, Windows, & Millwork units will become a blot on the setting, then choose different ones.


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